EiA Team gaining first-hand knowledge of the OCP Plant in Morocco with a guided tour.

EiA Team gaining first-hand knowledge of the OCP Plant in Morocco with a guided tour.

On kind invitation from OCP AFRICA, James Stevenson, Managing Search Consultant and Stuart Denson, Executive Search Consultant had a guided tour of the OCP Phosphate Hub at Jorf Lasfar last month.  It was a fantastic opportunity to visit this facility and learn more about the supply chain for the OCP business.

The OCP Group is the world’s largest exporter of phosphate in all its forms, with over 28% market share, and produces a large range of products across the phosphate value chain, including phosphate rock, phosphoric acid, animal feed supplements and many different varieties of phosphate fertilisers. The Hub is part of the world’s largest integrated platform for the chemical transformation of phosphate: the rock is extracted at the Khouribga Mine, transported via a 235 km slurry pipeline, processed into its various forms and then exported all over the world from the deep water port.


The tour of the facility included a visit of the fertiliser production unit that is fully dedicated to OCP AFRICA, a new OCP’s subsidiary aiming at transforming farming in Africa.  OCP AFRICA’s conviction is that by working every type of soil with the right techniques and the right fertilisers, Africa will be at the forefront of world agriculture with the objective not only to feed itself but potentially the rest of the world.


This fertiliser plant dedicated to the African market, can produce 1 million tonnes of fertiliser a year.  With the ability to produce a full range of phosphate-based fertilisers with various compositions to suit the large diversity of African soils, OCP AFRICA is well positioned to quickly respond to its customer’s demands.  We were joined on our tour by an OCP Agronomist from Benin who was highly experienced in the different chemical compositions required by local farmers and was keen to learn more in order to better serve his customers locally.


With three other units planned for construction in the coming year, each with the same capacity, OCP AFRICA will be able to supply the fertiliser needed by African farmers, and doing so, to support the successful transformation of farming in the continent.  It has been EiA’s privilege to be a chosen partner of OCP AFRICA, assisting them with senior critical hires to enable their impressive expansion and the opening of subsidiaries throughout the continent. EiA’s core belief that, by placing exceptional leaders who have a long and lasting positive impact on the continent economy, we can support OCP AFRICA in making their commitment a reality: ‘’the development of Africa by Africa’’.

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