Joe Thompson, Sea Scout, reports back from his trip to Tanzania

Joe Thompson, Sea Scout, reports back from his trip to Tanzania

I just wanted to write to say thank you very much for the donation which supported me to go to Tanzania.  Please pass on my thanks to all your employees and network members who also contributed – without their help I would have struggled to get my total.

I had an amazing time in Tanzania.  I cleared, sanded and painted a medical centre in Lupiro for the local people.  This made a great difference in the community’s health services and well-being.

Before we built the new medical centre their nearest building was a very long way away – at least a few hours.  There is now a vaccination room, two maternity rooms, a children’s ward, men’s ward, women’s ward and a reception area.  The locals were thrilled by our presence and help that we gave to their community.

Whist I was in Lupiro, I spent lots of time with the local children and I stayed at the local Father’s house, camping in his garden.  Once we had finished our work on the medical centre, the local Bishop came and blessed the building with holy water and gave a service to the local people and ourselves.  He thanked us for all the hard work we had done.  Then we had a celebration with lots of music and dancing.

Whilst I was in Lupiro I also played games with the local children including football and balloon making.  They loved having us there.

I really feel that I have changed as a person following this amazing trip as I now perceive the world in a different way.  I would recommend anyone to do the same if given the opportunity.

Thank you again for all your help and support.  I hope you enjoy the photos of my trip.

Joe Thomson

9th Lymington Sea Scouts

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