Is Now the Time to Invest in Top Technical Talent?

Is Now the Time to Invest in Top Technical Talent?

10 years ago we didn’t have the iPad, Alexa and WhatsApp and even Instagram wasn’t invented – we could just eat our food, without photographing it!

The acceleration in technology over recent years is encouraging innovation and new working methods within many sectors, from medical treatment through to data management.  With this has come a huge demand for talent, and talent that is in short supply, making it a strongly candidate driven area.  For technical roles at the more junior end, recruiters depend on searching for specific technology knowledge and experience working within specific companies when looking for candidates to fit these new roles.

The disruption within the digital economy has led to the conception of leadership roles within various sectors, driving demand for technical talent even further and wider than it has ever before so as a Search professional you need to be able to find talent with a much more complex set of skills and competencies.

A Chief Data Officer or Chief IoT will require a versatile background in enterprise data architecture, data quality and business governance but will also now need good commercial skills and to be strategic as well as having strong relationship building and people influencing skills… competencies not always naturally associated those coming from a techy background.

What none of the new technologies will be able to provide is the art and the science to the search profession.  Whilst these new technologies will no doubt help in finding technical talent, for leadership roles this needs to be supported by deeper assessment techniques which can identify other behavioural competencies.  Unique to Executives in Africa are our SuitAbility Assessments which go beyond CV interviewing to dig deeper using bespoke written assessments which are followed by intensive competency-based interviewing undertaken by experts in interviewing.

What Executives in Africa offer in addition to the traditional search are the value-added services of being a strategic collaborator with our Clients.  We believe in having a positive and lasting impact and this can only be done through working in true partnership, advising on a wider basis and supporting clients in broader areas such as evaluating leadership teams, succession planning, brand perception, candidate experience which you certainly won’t get through any digital recruitment platform.

In this fast paced, ever shifting business climate that is constantly evolving through technology, Executives in Africa sets itself apart from the technology talent hackers to ensure that you are investing your time and money wisely.  We recognise that top talent is your ultimate investment and we focus on our core values in everything we do; being exceptional; driving professional growth; being trusted to deliver; treating everyone with respect and above all, thinking long term not short term.

Nicki Halle, Search Consultant, has over 20 years’ recruitment and search experience having recently specialised in technology and digitalisation roles.  Please feel free to contact her at to discuss any aspect of digitalisation and how it is impacting on your business.

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