Alfred De Quervain

Research Associate

Alfred has a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security from the University of Winchester.  His commitment to excellence and hardworking nature are evident in every project he undertakes and in his academic results.  Alfred is a passionate problem solver, with a drive to dissect complex issues and uncover innovative solutions.  At university, he thoroughly enjoyed researching the ever-changing landscape that is cyberlaw and the difference in approach taken by the UK since leaving the European Union.

Beyond the professional sphere, Alfred is a force to be reckoned with on the rugby field, showcasing his competitive spirit and teamwork.  Off the field, he unwinds through social badminton matches.  Having spent the past 6-7 years within the hospitality industry, where his natural strong communication skills have been complemented by developing excellent organisational abilities.  He brings an excellent work ethic, a spirit of curiosity and determination, traits that seamlessly translate into his research work and which make him a great addition to the Executives in Africa Research Team.