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We are celebrating our 5th anniversary this month and we have paused for reflection on what has been our predominant driving force since the first week we started trading. There is one word at the forefront of everything we have activated and is applicable to every aspect of our business and we believe it is a firm contributor to us reaching our position today.

CALIBRE – [MASS NOUN] The quality of someone’s character or the level of their ability

Executives in Africa (EIA) work with ‘calibre’ every single day, whether it’s in our own offices or one that belongs to a client. It’s our most valued commodity and it is what sets us apart.

In the ever changing and varied landscape, which makes up Africa, we quickly grasped that quality and patience would be tantamount to the long lasting success of our business, our foundation perhaps. With this is in mind we set ourselves rigorous hoops to jump through which we then transferred to our own hiring process, ensuring our growing team brought exacting skills and particularly high standards to ensure consistent delivery of excellent results.

Our Search teams work in pairs and apply structured process management on every mandate covering mapping & profiling, screening, two stage interviewing and assessing competencies such as resourcefulness and cultural sensitivities. We believe our tight and thorough methodology is what gives us access to the exceptional calibre of talent we attract, and that in turn is what aids us to build longstanding relationships and gain recommendations & referrals.

The right candidate for our market will demonstrate vision, tenacity, passion and will remain solution focused in the face of operational challenges. We set the bar high from the start both internally and externally, and there is no question that it has paid us dividends.

Calibre + Tenacity = EIA exceptional success

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