Helen Clear, Researcher – Second Blog Post from Tanzania

Helen Clear, Researcher – Second Blog Post from Tanzania

24th September 2015

The second report from EiA’s Helen Clear during her sabbatical at the Forever Angels baby home in Tanzania.

I am thoroughly enjoying my time at the Forever Angels baby home. The enrichment offered to the lives of the children here is evident every day and I find myself completely immersed with the children. Here are a few words about three of the children I have met, they are all so different but they have a similar spirit.

This beautiful little boy is so sweet and funny. He has Cerebral Palsy which means that he can’t walk and struggles to sit independently but this doesn’t stop him from very enthusiastically joining in with all of the activities at the Baby Home!

He particularly LOVES Frozen so he is always singing ‘Let it Go’ and always wants to look like Princess Elsa when we do face painting and to wear dresses like her too when we play dressing up!

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We took him to church last Sunday and he was the happiest little boy in the congregation, dancing and clapping his hands along to all of the songs!

He came to the Baby Home when he was just 6 weeks old after being abandoned in Mwanza.  The Baby Home hopes to find family members that may be able to take care of him, but if not he will be very much loved and looked after at Forever Angels.

This baby boy has the cheekiest, gummiest smile and the best facial expressions and I am utterly charmed by him and his sweet nature.

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He came to the baby home extremely malnourished and sick with TB and is also immune-compromised. His mother died in childbirth and his father had clearly tried his utmost to care for him and loved him very much but it obviously had become quite some struggle.

He is now a very happy & chubby baby and will be returned to his father with support in the future.

The third little soul I want to share with you came to the baby home earlier this year very sick and malnourished and suffering with TB.  He is also immune-compromised. His mother passed away and his elderly grandmother was unable to care for him.

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After a lot of love and commitment from Forever Angels he is a cheerful, content, giggly toddler and despite still being on a special diet to help him gain weight, I think he looks like a totally different baby from before!

If you would like to contact or visit the Forever Angels Baby Home please do via www.foreverangels.org. Should you wish to consider donating through my Just Giving account www.justgiving.co.uk/helen-amy-clear, and finally, should you wish to offer corporate support please feel free to contact me at helenamyclear1@gmail.com

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