Helen Clear, Researcher – Third Blog Post from Tanzania

Helen Clear, Researcher – Third Blog Post from Tanzania

Today I visited Tunaweza, which is a day centre for people with

disabilities where they are taught various skills including cooking,

sewing & various crafts like card and bracelet making. Everything that

is made is for sale and the proceeds are reinvested in the charity.

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The students stay for 2 years with the hope that they will be able to

use the skills they have learnt to set up their own small businesses.

It is almost impossible in Mwanza for a disabled person to find

employment so Tunaweza is a very special and important charity.

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This is Stefano who manages Tunaweza. He is a very kind and inspirational man who clearly works hard, he is very passionate about the charity and really cares about his students.

Should you wish to find out more about Tunaweza please feel free to contact me via helenamyclear1@gmail.com.

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