Helen Clear, Researcher – Fourth Blog Post from Tanzania

Helen Clear, Researcher – Fourth Blog Post from Tanzania

Many children at Forever Angels have families who were unable to care for them – the main aim of Forever Angels is to return these children to their families in the future providing that they will be loved and looked after by them. The Baby Home’s Outreach Project enables families to look after their children in the future by offering grants to help them set up small businesses or by helping them to build their own houses. Also many family members are given jobs working as carers, cooks or grounds men at the Baby Home.

helen 4th blog

I wanted to write about these beautiful twin baby girls they are so sweet and make me laugh every day.  I think their story shows how Forever Angels is helping struggling families within the community.

They were brought to Forever Angels when they were 12 days old. Sadly their mother died after delivery and their father was unable to look after them whilst also caring for his three other children & coping with the loss of his wife.

Their father comes to visit them regularly as he lives close by and he clearly loves them very much. They will hopefully return to him in the future when he is able to care for them again by himself.

If you would like to contact or visit the Forever Angels Baby Home please do via www.foreverangels.org. Should you wish to consider donating you can do so through my Just Giving account

www.justgiving.co.uk/helen-amy-clear, and finally, should you wish to offer corporate support please feel free to contact me at helenamyclear1@gmail.com

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