Can Companies find good quality African candidates?

Can Companies find good quality African candidates?

We believe we can have a positive and lasting impact on Africa through helping our clients find the very best leaders for their businesses.  However, being a UK-based Search Firm, clients sometimes assume that this means that we mainly place expats into leadership roles.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Analysis of successful hires made by the Executives in Africa team over the last twelve months shows that 59% of these were African Nationals and a further 15% held dual nationality, giving a total of 74% African nationals hired by our clients.

Nationalities Placed

The figures speak for themselves.  There is good African talent in the market and Executive in Africa knows how to access this talent.  Please feel free to contact Sarah Fitzgerald at if you are struggling to identify good quality African nationals to support the growth of your business and she will be happy to discuss how EiA can help.

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