There are times when investment in Search really pays off….

There are times when investment in Search really pays off….

Executive Search is most suited to critical leadership roles where hiring the very best business leader will give companies a competitive advantage in the market place.  It is also the best way to identify rare and highly specific technical skills which are in short supply.

Having analysed our successful hires over the last twelve months, over 50% of our Searches have been for CEO’s, General Managers and Managing Directors.  This is representative of the high demand we have from PE and VC firms looking to strengthen the strategic leadership of businesses following investment.  These are critical appointments and which have significant impact on the ROI, and our teams extensive networks across the continent combined with a genuine understanding of the skills required to be successful in these challenging operating environments.

Placements by Function

One such recent appointment was a CEO within industrial manufacturing in Nigeria, on behalf of a PE firm.  During a year where the Naira has devalued significantly impacting cost of raw materials importation significantly, this CEO’s extensive previous experience operating in markets across Africa as well as specific experience in Nigeria, has led him to deliver not only revenue growth but also an increase in profits.

If your business needs to appoint a leader who can deliver growth for your business in Africa, then don’t underestimate the importance of this as an investment decision.  Ensure you apply the same due diligence to finding the best leader who will deliver results as you would to the investment decision itself.

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