What were the most read articles of 2017 and what would you like to hear more about?

What were the most read articles of 2017 and what would you like to hear more about?

Over the last 12 months Executives in Africa has shared a myriad of articles with our Clients and Candidates via our monthly mailer.  Topics have ranged from the latest news articles and changes in the political, social and economic climate across the African continent, to sector specific highlights across a broad range of industries, as well as sharing our expertise and insights into the Search sector on the continent.  So which were the most popular articles of 2017?

In August, we shared an article written by Adam Waterhouse, Search Consultant, on how to mitigate against failure rate for key executive hires in Africa.  With a failure rate of less than 1% compared to the norm in the Search sector, which is usually between 30-40%, Adam reflects in this article on why we get such good results.  To read Adam’s article, click on the link below:

How to mitigate against ‘Failure Rate’ with key hires

Recently, in our November mailer, Fiona Rhys, Executive Search Consultant, gave her insights into “How to Succeed in an Interview” when pitching yourself for competitive C-level appointments.  This is a must-read for those about to embark on a journey that they perhaps have not travelled for some time.  See more below by clicking the link:

How to Succeed in an Interview

But our most popular article was written back in July when we shared the experience of our newly appointed Zimbabwean Search Consultant and Research Associate, Gary and Barbara Taylor.  The article focused on their move from Contingent Recruitment in Zimbabwe to International Search on joining Executives in Africa in the UK.

Along with some amusing insights and anecdotes, Gary and Barbs also provided real life examples of the pros and cons of working within, and outside of the African continent whilst delivering on African based roles.  To read their thoughts again, click on the link below:

Local Contingent Recruitment vs International Search

Interestingly, the most popular three articles we have shared with our readers over 2017 were specifically related to Search and we hope you enjoy reading these articles if you missed them first time around.  However, we would also really like to hear about what topics would interest you to read about next year.  So please do email Heather Hughes, QA Manager at hh@executivesinafrica.com and let her know.

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