Business in Africa is on Fire – Hire Leaders to Fuel Your Momentum

Business in Africa is on Fire – Hire Leaders to Fuel Your Momentum

Africa will soon have the fastest urbanization rate in the world and by 2034 African countries will have a larger workforce than China or India, with job creation currently outpacing growth in the labour force*.  With business spending expected to grow 35% to $3.5 trillion by 2025, the six big growth opportunity areas are expected to be within:

  • Wholesale and Retail
  • Food and Agri-processing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Construction

And this is not factoring in the upcoming tech generation that is pioneering new disruptor business concepts across this continent.  So, are you keeping up?

For those of you already operating in Africa you know that by taking a long-term perspective and investing in the right talent, you will mitigate country-specific and regional turbulence.  Maintaining momentum by keeping up and getting ahead of the competition with superior strategy and talent is critical to the success of your business in Africa moving forward.

You will want to ensure that you have the right leaders in place who will unlock the growth potential in your business, who are suitable, capable and fit for your company, as well as the demands of operating in Africa.  For this you will need to access to the best candidates and leaders who are valued where they are and are not actively looking for new positions.  Your success will not happen by accident, it requires planning and investment.

For those receiving our regular newsletter, you will know that we are constantly working on ways to improve our Executive Search process to better support our Clients and Candidates.  Our proprietary candidate assessment process fuels our 99% success rate of leadership placements staying beyond their first year, and we have now reformulated this into an enhanced 8-Step process that includes our proprietary EiA SuitAbility Assessments.

This continued robust service ensures that typically within a 4-week period we will have accessed the market on your behalf, thoroughly assessed candidates for their suitability to your particular needs and made recommendations backed up with evidence and insights on the market.

Africa is on fire.  The time is now to invest in your future talent and ensure you have the right leaders to optimize your place in Africa’s growth and build sustainable companies and economies for tomorrow.

To see how we can partner with you to support your business growth check out our newly defined process on our updated website or contact Sarah Fitzgerald on +44 7790 996609.

*Harvard Business Review – These 6 Sectors of Africa’s Economy are Poised for Growth Sept 2016

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