Executives in Africa and Lightbulb Performance Management Webinar – A huge success!

Executives in Africa and Lightbulb Performance Management Webinar – A huge success!

Last week, Executives in Africa hosted its first live Webinar event, attended by over 300 delegates, entitled ‘Managing Performance for Overnight Results’.  We teamed up with Paul Marsh, from Lightbulb, as part of an ongoing and innovative series of events we are planning as we head into 2021.

As COVID has spread across the world, we have all experienced anything but a normal year but, whatever we feel about it, we must evolve and adapt in order to stay ahead.  Here at Executives in Africa, we have really enjoyed increased face to face client interactions through embracing the use of technology in ways we would never have thought of prior to the pandemic developing.

This has allowed us to interact with business leaders across Africa seamlessly, and, where we would normally have been hosting Breakfast Seminars and speaking at Conferences on the Continent, we were ‘being forced’ to work out how to host a webinar with attendees from 29 different countries on the continent, in Europe and as far away as Hong Kong.  And we loved it!

Paul’s brilliant and interactive presentation challenged some conventional thinking and processes – and got people simplifying ‘what good looks like’ in reality.  It was aimed at HR decision makers, CEO’s, Managing Directors, Talent Specialists, Founders, and other key industry leaders from across Africa and around the world.

Paul says, “Performance reviews themselves often have a one-size-fits-all, bureaucratic approach applied to them and this can cut managers off from engaging with the process.  Things then become a compliance piece and a headache for HR.”

 At Lightbulb we have come up with practical ways to reimagine how performance is targeted, measured and managed so that both managers and their teams will want to do it and do it well.”

Attendees were highly involved throughout the webinar with lots of interaction through chat, demonstrating how much this topic is relevant and changing rapidly at this time.

Executives in Africa’s Managing Director, Sarah FitzMorris said, “As an organisation we believe we can have a positive and lasting impact on Africa.  This year has been a challenge for a lot of businesses, with many looking at productivity and how leaders can manage performance effectively, especially with so many employees now working remotely some, or all, of the time.” 

 “This webinar was aimed at bringing something complementary to what we do as a business which would support our clients.  I really feel we have achieved that even in this short session and we are excited for our follow up sessions.”

Paul has provided us with this this short taster video, to explain the five mistakes that people-managers are making in 121s, performance reviews appraisals and check ins.  Please do feel free to reach out to one of the Executives in Africa team or directly to Paul if you would like to learn more.

For further information about our future webinars, please contact Ian Erridge, Communications and Marketing at ie@executivesinafrica.com

Paul Marsh can be reached at paul@lightbulb.work

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