How do you find the right leader to deliver sustainable growth in Africa?

How do you find the right leader to deliver sustainable growth in Africa?

We have worked with founders and companies at various fundraising stages to find leaders with experience in new country set-up, creating a blueprint for scaling, fundraising, and investor relations as well as leveraging technology and working across all aspects of product design for tech-enabled businesses.

These are often newly created positions which will place a critical role in achieving the strategic aims of the business. This requires a highly consultative and flexible recruitment approach, ensuring we understand what you are trying to achieve through this appointment rather than just ‘delivering against a job spec’.

Many of our clients are in a ‘race’ to secure market share and achieve first-mover advantage, so finding the right talent to get them there is critical, but also highly competitive.

It’s a balance between hiring quickly but making sure they get it right the first time.

Our appointed leaders thrive because they have been proactively profiled, handpicked, and evidentially assessed to ensure they can technically deliver what is needed and that they ‘fit’ the behavioural requirements for success.

By investing time, and by undertaking full due diligence of the talent market, we give our clients the confidence they are hiring the BEST available leader to meet the specific needs of their business and deliver growth.

When you commit so much time and money into assessing a potential investment, why would you not apply the same thorough approach to appointing the person you will entrust to deliver your objectives?

You can’t afford NOT to invest in getting the right leader.

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