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Business in Africa is on Fire – Hire Leaders to Fuel Your Momentum

Africa will soon have the fastest urbanization rate in the world and by 2034 African countries will have a larger workforce than China or India, with job creation currently outpacing growth in the labour force*.  With business spending expected to grow 35% to $3.5 trillion by 2025, the six big growth opportunity areas are expected […]

How the growth in Ethiopian Manufacturing has affected the demand for talent in Ethiopia? By William Hardman, Search Consultant

Executives in Africa (EiA) has seen activity in Ethiopia increase rapidly over the last 12 months having completed Search mandates in a range of business including Real Estate, Fertilizer and Mobile Money.  Now manufacturing is another sector seeing huge investment and growth. The Government’s tax policies, free trade agreements with the West, and huge investment […]

Can Companies find good quality African candidates?

We believe we can have a positive and lasting impact on Africa through helping our clients find the very best leaders for their businesses.  However, being a UK-based Search Firm, clients sometimes assume that this means that we mainly place expats into leadership roles.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Analysis of successful hires […]