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Finding Business Leaders for emerging sectors – Read our Case Study on how we searched globally for a Modern Retail CEO for a Nigerian Retail Start-up

Case Study – Finding a Modern Retail CEO for Nigeria A Private Equity backed Retail start up business required a CEO from a leading multinational to create a new African brand for grocery Retail.  The initial business was to be opened in Nigeria with the long term vision to roll out stores across the African […]

Is Nigeria really the 137th worst place to live as an expat?

‘So what’s Nigeria really like?  How bad is it?’ asks my candidate who is flying out to Lagos for final interviews for a CEO role with an exciting new media company there.  ‘I read on line that it’s 137th out of 140 worst places to be an ex-pat!  What’s it really like to live there […]

Is Democracy the best model for African countries? By James Stevenson, Managing Consultant

There are many imperfections of what we call democracy. Mark Twain once said of democracy ‘’only a government that is rich and safe can afford to be a democracy, for a democracy is the most expensive and nefarious kind of government ever heard of on earth’’. All across the globe there are many countries that […]

There are times when investment in Search really pays off….

Executive Search is most suited to critical leadership roles where hiring the very best business leader will give companies a competitive advantage in the market place.  It is also the best way to identify rare and highly specific technical skills which are in short supply. Having analysed our successful hires over the last twelve months, […]

Launch of a Pan African Passport – A step forward or more EU-style woe? By Tunde Makinde, Executive Search Consultant

If Britain’s exit of the EU has been coined ‘Brexit’ what will the progress the African Union is making eventually be called? The United States of Africa? July 2016 saw the potentially significant launch of an electronic passport intended to allow free movement among all 54 markets in the region at the African Union summit […]

How are companies in Nigeria faring in the midst of the toughest currency challenges?

At the end of May, Executives in Africa MD, Sarah Fitzgerald, was in Nigeria for meetings with new and existing clients. While she was there, Fitzgerald took some time to observe how the businesses are faring in the midst of the some of the toughest currency challenges for nearly a decade. “Basically it’s a costly […]