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What is at the Centre of the Innovation Equation? by Chris Colbert, former Managing Director, Harvard Innovation Labs

In September, as part of the Seamless East Africa Conference in Nairobi, I stood before a large group of executives, government officials and startup founders and delivered a keynote talk titled Inside Innovation.  The gist of my talk, in fact the gist of many of my talks that I have been giving around the world […]

Executives in Africa win ‘Best UK Overseas Operation’ at the 10th Global Recruiter Awards

The 10th Global Recruiter Awards took place yesterday at Café de Paris, London, with Executives in Africa lifting the award for “Best UK Overseas Operation”. The Awards have an unprecedented reputation within the Industry for recognizing the best of the best, so winning the “Best UK Overseas Operation” with their first nomination, was a superb […]

Talent Scarcity in Emerging Industries and How to Overcome It

Emerging and rapidly developing industries and sectors, such as Technologies, Real Estate and Renewables are fast becoming strong contributors to the success of economies across the African continent.  Critical to their continued success is the human capital driving the expansion, but this talent is in scarce supply on the continent, especially if your company is […]

What is the likely impact of Brexit on Africa?

For those passionately interested in the ongoing development of Africa as a continent, and who believe that trade and education are the only real answers to the economic development of the continent, it could be said that the Brexit vote has come as a bit of a shock. In fairness it was a profound shock […]