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‘Nigeria is potentially more politically stable than the US’… Richard Putley, MD reports back on thought provoking statements from the AFSIC 2018 Conference

“Nigeria is potentially more politically stable than the US….” This comment was made by one of the speakers at the recent AFSIC event which I attended with other members of the EiA Team at the beginning of May.  Whilst his intention was to raise a smile in the audience, on reflection, a number of the […]

Local Contingent Recruitment vs International Search – Gary & Barbara Taylor share what they have learned since relocating from Zimbabwe to the UK

Until early 2017, Barbara and I were operating a very successful recruitment company, Oxford Recruitment, on the ground in Zimbabwe.  We ran it for 17 years and delivered an excellent service to our clients, mainly locally, as well as delivering some international / pan African exclusive mandates.  With a business background and having worked in […]

From Nairobi to Paris – winning for the third time! By Simon Easter, Senior Executive Search Consultant

Executives in Africa congratulate Chris Frome for his third Tour De France win.  Africa once again demonstrates its reach beyond the continent. As a keen cyclist myself, I follow the event closely around this time of the year.  What is little known though, is that Chris was actually born in Nairobi in 1985 and competed […]

Can Companies find good quality African candidates?

We believe we can have a positive and lasting impact on Africa through helping our clients find the very best leaders for their businesses.  However, being a UK-based Search Firm, clients sometimes assume that this means that we mainly place expats into leadership roles.  This couldn’t be further from the truth. Analysis of successful hires […]